Digital Marketing Agency VS SEO Company

Many businesses and people confuse the role of a digital marketing agency with the role of a SEO company. Both are completely different and both have very specific roles to play; while each of them are a big asset to any business. Hiring any one is not enough and the combined power of two is necessary in today’s digital age where internet has become the most effective and dominant platform for the growth of a business.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?



A digital marketing agency is an agency with a team of professionals and experts in handling varied needs associated with digital marketing. Like other forms of marketing, digital marketing has its own tools, technology and needs to be able to function well. So while you may believe that you can use these electronic media on your own, when you work with a professional you will see the advantage of doing so!

Digital marketing Agencies support the interests of your business. A good agency will understand your needs and tailor make solutions that best fit your specific requirements; while keeping up with the trends and demands in the market. A professional digital marketing agency has experts and specialists who can help deliver results that a business may not be able to achieve by itself. Unfortunately, many businesses regard hiring a digital marketing agency as an added liability instead of seeing it as the asset it is. In fact, one of the main aim of a digital marketing agency is to help a business gain more return on investments while focusing on digital communications. Thus, it adds profits to the business and contributes to the overall growth of a business.

What does A SEO company Do?


SEO company do

You need to understand what is SEO and how SEO works to fully gain an insight into the need and importance for the same. Most businesses, even though they are great at what they do, fail to make a mark, and the most common reason is lack or improper use of SEO. Investing in a team of SEO professionals is an investment that ensures greater profits and benefits in the long run. SEO is a technical field in itself, with it’s own specific methods and strategies. While you may think you can manage these thing on your own, the services and results provided by a SEO company are unmatched. A SEO company will have a team of experts who excel in using the tools and technology needed to make SEO work in the right and positive direction. It requires immense understanding and analysis of various research work to know the best strategies to help SEO perform a desirable role for your business.


Get in touch with IMP communications to better understand why you need the services of both- a digital marketing agency and a SEO company – for the growth of your business. Today, when everything is a click away you need to make your brand available readily while also being optimized for the most effective results.


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